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Would You Run In The Olympics Without Practice? Obviously Not.

Securing a job is a highly competitive activity. Colleges prepare you only for foundation courses but Industry is looking for Domain skills as well as non cognitive skills. All this requires sound preparation.
Here at Elevatescape we will help you achieve these 3 important aspects to give your career a good kick-start.

Job Interview Preparation:
strategic information in an user-friendly interface to crack the most difficult interviews effortlessly, with confidence and competence

The right amount of insight and mentoring to move towards your career goals in small, practical and manageable steps.

Curated Industry Advice:
All job relevant information and curated advice – industry-wise, skill-wise and knowledge-wise.

Preparing For The Interview

Considering the cutthroat competition that is prevalent in the current job market, you need to make sure that you are completely prepared to impress the interviewer with interview training skills that will leave him utterly impressed.

Here are some job interview training preparation tips and suggestions that are worth following:


Step one towards job interview training preparation is thoroughly researching the background and profile of the company that you’re interviewing with. You cannot afford to show up at the interview and be completely stumped when the interviewer asks you questions about the organisation. The best way to brush up on your knowledge of the company is by browsing their website or having a detailed chat with existing employees of the firm. Further, the interview training skills that you learn in the Elevatescape courses will also help you research the dynamics of the company better before you head out for an interview.


Interviews often result in major failures because of the nervousness that the
interviewee exhibits. You need to make sure that you walk into the interview well dressed and respond to all the questions that you’re asked with great confidence and collectedness. Going in for courses that prepare you with job interview training can come in handy too. Remember, if you start displaying signs of nervous behaviour, the interviewer will immediately notice it and in turn, may end up offering the job to an applicant who has greater confidence and self-esteem than you.

Stay Confident

Sticking to the point during the interview will also give you an added advantage and increase your chances of getting the job. Avoid dragging any answers or topics because interviewers are always most impressed with those applicants who can provide crisp, clean and straightforward answers. Job interview training will help prepare you to answer the interviewer in a confident and crisp manner.

Be prepared with questions to ask the interviewer with regards to the organisation or its functioning. When you have questions to ask the interviewer it gives the interviewer the impression that you’re genuinely interested in working with the firm and thereby increases your chances of bagging that job. Having proper interview training skills can help you to be ready with questions for your interviewer.